Transponder Key

transponder keysIf you are searching for auto transponder keys or keyless entries (keypad entries) Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise has them in stock. Our friendly, reliable and experienced locksmiths can install or repair any transponder key. They are also trained in installing or repairing keypads on any new construction, remodel or older residential or commercial properties.

Many automobiles have transponder keys in the top of the key or the key fob. When a key is put in the ignition lock cylinder and turned, the car’s computer gives off a radio signal to the transponder. When the transponder replies with a specific code, the car’s computer causes the engine to start. Transponder keys don’t have a battery since they are energized by a radar signal.

Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise also installs and repairs keyless entries (keypad entries). These new keypads are usually located near the side of the door near the door handle. The person entering the building, enters a number code on the pad. The code can be changed periodically to maintain high-security.

For transponder keys or keypad entries, call us at 208-343-5625 or visit us at 3155 Chinden Blvd in Boise, Idaho.