Multipoint Door Locks

When deciding on security features for your home a great place to start is with your door locks. At Baldwin Lock and Security we are proud carriers of Multipoint Door Locks and accessories. Multipoint Door Locks are finding there way into more and more homes throughout the United States. Using leading mechanics and tamper resistant features these high security door locks make the perfect choice for grand entry doors, back yard doors, garages, or any door leading to the outside.

Each lock set is designed with a 3-point locking system. When the door is closed the latches extend out to automatically deadbolt, ensuring safety. Multi-point locking handles and tamper proof features are all part of what make Multipoint Door Locks the best choice for high security.

Security Features:

  • Each latch independently latches in a sequential and unique design.
  • Locks automatically deadbolt once door is closed, making forced entry virtually unattainable.
  • Made with Stainless Steel for increased corrosion resistance.

For more information about our Multipoint locking systems, call us today at 208-343-5625.

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