Key Card Access Control Systems in Boise, Idaho

key card

Key entry cards are not just for hotel rooms any more. Baldwin Lock & Key in Boise, Idaho can install key entry cards in your business, school, church, college residence hall, and more. Replacement of a key card is much less expensive than the replacement of a metal key. When the person quits employment or permanently leaves the business or facility, the key entry cards can be reprogramed on a computer for another person or a new card can be created.

A key entry card is a flat, plastic card, like a credit card, that stores digital identification information. When the card is entered into the lock in a specific manner, the digital information causes the door mechanism to accept the card and release the lock.

There are various types of key entry cards—-mechanical hole cards, barcode cards, magnetic strip cards, smart cards with a microchip, Wiegland wire cards, RIFD proximity cards and more.

Our skilled locksmiths are professionally trained and experienced to install and repair your key card entry system. We have had many years of experience working with them.

If you are interested in installing this system in your business, church or school, contact us at 208-343-5625.